Mensa Lingo

Acronyms Galore

Some of the more frequently used acronyms used to refer to ourselves and activities are outlined below.

  • AG-- Annual Gathering - annual meeting of Mensa members, usually confined to one national group
  • RG -- Regional Gathering - wherever and whenever one or more local groups decide to hold one
  • AMC -- American Mensa Committee, the Board of Directors of American Mensa, Ltd.
  • GC -- Gifted Children
  • IBD -- International Board of Directors, made up of officers and representatives from national groups
  • LocSec -- Local Secretary of a Mensa local group
  • M -- Any member of Mensa
  • MTE -- Meet to Eat (monthly meeting)
  • FM -- Any female member of Mensa
  • MM -- Any male member of Mensa
  • SIG -- Special Interest Group
  • SIGHT -- Service of Information, Guidance, and Hospitality to Travelers

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